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Mineral water is your healthiest, safest alternative to tap water. Unlike tap water, natural mineral water contains no chlorine whilst it is rich in natural minerals.
This is why we supply offices and homes with one of South Africa’s best quality natural mineral waters

Our mineral water and purified water products, which we deliver to you, include:

Bottled Water

Pre-bottled Natural Mineral Water in various sizes

Dispenser Bottled Water

Natural Mineral Water or Purified Water suitable for dispensers

Water Dispensers

A range of water dispensers to suit your needs

Getting fresh, natural mineral water or top quality purified water delivered to your door is quick and easy.

The delivery of your water is fast and reliable and will take place on time and on the day we have promised you. Delivery is free.

What is the difference between mineral water and purified water?

Mineral water is water that comes from a natural under-ground source. The water is naturally rich in mineral salts and goes through no rigorous filtration or purification process, leaving the minerals in the water as nature intended. In recognition of its quality and microbial standard, our mineral water has the SABS 1657 certification.
Purified water is usually taken from a municipal source and filtered normally by means of reverse osmosis, ozonation or UV light to remove certain chemicals such as chlorine and any unwanted bacteria and heavy metals. During the process of filtration (RO), many of the natural salts are removed, so the natural mineral content in purified water is far lower than in ‘Natural Mineral Water’.

Natural Mineral Water is packed with healthy benefits…

From improved concentration to increased productivity, mineral water has many benefits that promote your good health:

Mineral water typically contains 
the following minerals:


Because of its mineral content, mineral water has been proven to:

Improve heart health
Lower blood pressure
Enhance memory and mental clarity
Regulate blood circulation/pressure
Support bone and digestive health

Purified water is a much healthier option to tap water…

Although not naturally mineral-rich like our mineral water, purified water is a safer and healthier option compared to tap water as chlorinates and other contaminates are removed from the water.

The quality of tap water today has been severely compromised due to inefficient water treatment processes. For this reason it can contain unwanted microbes and chemical pollutants such as chlorine which is not beneficial to your health.

Purified water provides many great benefits, but the most important of these are:

Provides safe hydration

Flushes out toxins from the body

Aids healthy digestion

Promotes a healthy immune system

Get Your Mineral Or Purified Water Delivered To Your Door

Online deliveries are limited to the Gauteng area (includes Pretoria/East rand/West Rand, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Soweto, Vereeniging/Vanderbijlpark Region, JHB)

Please email info@mineralwaterman .co.za if you live outside the Gauteng area and have an order


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